Friday, August 21, 2009

My Kit

My kit from Violet DeVeela came yesterday!! Violet did an awesome job of spoiling me!! She sent so many wonderful things! The s'more goldfish didn't get far before my son and I opened them up!!

Here is a picture of every thing opened. Violet send me yarn to make Sheldon to study for Care of Magical Creatures. She also sent the goldfish and some gummy frogs that are also magical creatures.

Here is all the yummy Shine Sport to make Sheldon and a few of the other animal forms that Sheldon can use to disguise himself! There is also stuffing and eyes (so everything I need to create him!) I also got a yarn project container, which I love! And some post-it notes, which I cracked into right away too!

Violet sent me the Sheldon pattern and put the other Sheldon patterns on the flash drive. Plus she created a manual all about Sheldon, the forms he takes, his likes, etc! So creative!! She also send some camp and frog stickers for scrap booking!!

Violet also send Sheldon some socks (which my knitting group loved too!) and some stitch markers, a pair of earrings, and a shawl pin (which I have been wanting to get!)
Like I said, Violet did an awesome job spoiling me! She so deserves to win for Best Kit!!

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